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Sunday, March 4, 2012
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Winning Ways

How To Acheive Success No Matter What!

Everyone wants to be successful. Unfortunately, most people don’t know what it takes to get there. As a result, many people, though filled with a lot of potential and big dreams, never reach their place of success. Through the pages of this book, A’Yanna Webster will take you on an exciting journey that will equip you with the one thing that prevents many of us from reaching that place called success, and that is—know-how. When “know-how” meets the “desire,” success is birthed. Prepare yourself as you begin this 30-day journey. On your journey, A’Yanna will empower you with the practical T.I.P.S. (tools, ideas, principles, and strategies) you will need in order to be successful.

Price: $14.95

Climbing Out of the Box

Have you ever found yourself stuck in life? Most of us have at one point or another. During these times you feel like you are boxed in, and that you can’t seem to fulfill your dreams or goals. If you’ve ever felt like this...you are not alone. In this dynamic workshop presentation of "Climbing out of the box" A’Yanna answers the questions you have about your own personal box and hand you the keys to unlock your box and free you to live a renewed and empowered life. Join A’Yanna for this LIVE presentation of “Climbing Out of the Box!” Audio CD

Price: $10.00

Sister 2 Sister

As women, we go through times when our self-confidence is shaken. We wrestle with feelings of inferiority, worthlessness, and inadequacy. These things not only affect us, but also our relationship with God and others. In this life changing presentation of Sister 2 Sister A’Yanna tackles these tough issues and gives you the T.I.P.S. (Tools, Ideas, Principles, & Strategies) you need to affect change in the way you feel about yourself and show you how-to connect with other women. Join A’Yanna, LIVE, for Sister 2 Sister! Audio - CD

Price: $10.00